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The Power of Intuition and Believing in Yourself

By Wendy Thomas 

I never really understood what it meant to “listen to your intuition”. But one day, just over a year ago, I witnessed a voice in the back of my mind and a feeling in my gut. This was my intuition and following it literally saved my life.

Had I not listened to these signs, I would not have discovered what turned out to be an early-stage breast cancer diagnosis, and my life would be so very different today. I believe that this life has so many opportunities in store for us, but we have to be open and ready to listen to the changes that are trying to take place.

As mothers, our lives get so busy that it can be easy to ignore these messages from our subconscious, emotional minds. We tend to live dictated by our conscious minds, which are connected to the world around us through our five senses. If we are going to make big changes and pursue big dreams of achieving more in life, we need to learn to tap into our higher mental faculties: our perception, our will, our imagination, our memory, our reason and our intuition. Taking the time to connect to the emotional mind is what ultimately drives meaningful change in our lives. We have to tap into our subconscious wisdom, and not only listen to what we want, but also believe we are capable of achieving it.

It’s important for mothers to continually check in on the quality of our belief systems when it comes to ourselves and self-worth. Our lives can become consumed by what other people think of us and what we think we are capable of achieving. Living by such standards seriously limits us in our ability to achieve our highest potential. As humans, we become what we think about, underscoring the importance of not only having a strong and accurate self-image, but also striving to see the gifts in every situation. As Marcus Aurelius says, “the happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

I am passionate about connecting to people, and helping them to uncover the messages from their intuitive minds and realize their full potential through the power of a positive mindset. My work is grounded in inspiring women to be their best self in order to live a life that brings the greatest sense of purpose and satisfaction. Learn more about my individual and team coaching offers at Wendy Thomas Coaching.

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