Totum offers resources and products to support the woman as she enters motherhood. Our courses, lactation cookies and nursing t-shirts support new mothers during this transition.

Mom holding nursing baby


You rush in to help everyone else. Let us swoop in for you. Our products and resources are for you, the woman who’s now a mother.


The Mother's Support Cookie

One hurdle for new moms is maintaining milk supply when faced with demands of motherhood. We created these cookies to be a hug in the form of a cookie.


Organic ingredients that promote milk supply, energy and sense of satisfaction, supporting a mothers needs during a magical but trying time.

Oats by Erin Agnoli from the Noun Project

Rich in iron, calcium, fiber, and B vitamins, oats are a time-honored lactation aid.

chocolate chips by Natalia Hernández Sánchez from the Noun Project

High in fiber and minerals, dark chocolate aids digestion, energy and circulation.

sugar by Vectplus from the Noun Project

Brewer’s yeast is a powerful probiotic that normalizes blood sugar and boosts milk supply.

Totum "We Belong Together" Nursing Tees

We Belong Together Tees

Perfect for nursing moms and anyone who wants to combine style and message.

30% of proceeds are dedicated to supporting the rights of immigrants and people of color.


Female Founder Collective

Totum Women is a proud member of Female Founder Collective, a network of businesses led by women, supporting women. By purchasing from Totum, you are empowering female-run business and creating a solid foundation for our girls to keep leading.