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The Mother's Support Cookie

Q: Are the treats safe if I’m not breastfeeding, if I’m pregnant, for kids, for men?

A: Absolutely! We have so many testimonials that husbands eat all the treats because they taste so good. And truly - the milk boosters we use are all whole foods like rolled oats, flax seed meal and brewer’s yeast, which have health benefits for everyone. Nothing in the treats will make a non-nursing person lactate (darn it!)

Q: How many treats does one bag of mix yield?

A: One bag yields 24 treats if you like them small. We like to make all the dough at once, bake a batch, and then freeze the remaining dough for later (or for eating if you don’t use eggs!).

Q: Are the treats vegan?

A: The mix is vegan, and we include instructions for baking them vegan at home.

Q: Are you still selling your baked treats?

A: We are not. After a year of selling the baked cookies, we realized we could offer moms a vegan-ready product with a longer shelf life, at a lower cost, if we switched to a mix. We’re delighted to say that the mix tastes just like our baked treats and allows moms to have more cookies, for less cost.

Q: Do the treats have sugar?

A: Yes, these are a cookie lover’s treat. They’re not bars, they’re not a supplement, they’re a cookie. We believe that there’s value in having a mindful moment of enjoyment. In taking time to bite into something soft, delicious and evocative of warmth and care. We’re into enjoying a treat and balancing it with lifestyle rich in nutritious food, movement and wellness. That said, you’ll find that our sugar content is roughly half of what you’ll find in a conventional cookie because the treats are full of nutrient dense foods like oats, pine nuts, pistachios, flax and whole grain.

Q: Are the treats gluten free?

A: Nope. They’re old school cookies.

Q: Do your products contain GMOs?

A: No. We are proud to say that our treats are non-GMO and are certified organic.  

Q: Are your treats Kosher?

A: Yes. The mix is OU Kosher Certified.



Q: What shipping options do you offer?

A: We want to offer you the best shipping at the cheapest prices.  We work wiht a shipping aggregator to help defray costs.  We offer ground and expedited shipping.  

Q: What is your refund and return policy?

A: We want you to be perfectly thrilled with your Totum products.  Products that are unopened/unused can be returned within 10 days from when the order was received. Because of the edible nature of our mix, we cannot provide refunds for opened products. Please note that shipping a return is at customer’s expense. We cannot refund tax and shipping. Please notify us by email if you plan to return your product so that we can be of assistance. 

Q: How do you handle lost products?

A: We want to help! Our products are packaged and inspected at our shipping facility in Columbus, Ohio. If your package did not leave Ohio according to your tracking, we will solve the problem promptly and send you a replacement. If tracking shows that the product was delivered but you did not receive it, please contact your local Post Office.

Q: What is your shipping process?

A: All of our orders are shipped within 12 hours of when we receive the order, in most cases, same day. Products will ship on the next business day after a weekend or holiday.