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Totum Women - Our Story


Seems like everyone loves a pregnant woman, everyone loves a baby. But the person at the center of that story, the lady who’s made it all happen? She’s often forgotten. Not to us. We’re for the woman who has become a mom.


Totum means “whole” in Latin. We created Totum to serve women as they enter motherhood, whether for the first or fourteenth time. We want women to know they’re not alone and there’s no shame in feeling overwhelmed by the highs and lows of motherhood.

Our cookie recipe was created when I went back to work before I felt ready to leave our first baby, only to find that my milk supply couldn’t survive the transition. During a painful bout of mastitis, I reached out to my Uncle who had been COO at Mrs. Fields and enlisted his help in making the first lactation cookie that actually tastes good AND performs like mad.


Everything we offer is for you, the woman who’s now a mom. Our modern culture doesn’t make it easy to be a mother. We’re here to link arms with you and help you thrive.


With love,


Meet Our Founder

Entering motherhood blew my mind in the best way. After practicing law, working as a non-profit executive and helping build several tech and entertainment businesses, I became a mom at 34. Now, I have three children and find that my favorite version of myself is the one my children want (to paraphrase the great Toni Morrison). Nothing dropped me straight into my sense of purpose like having children. But even so, I often feel alone in the ups and downs of motherhood. I founded Totum to do my part in helping women to thrive as mothers and beyond.

Female Founder Collective

Totum Women is a proud member of Female Founder Collective, a network of businesses led by women, supporting women. By purchasing from Totum, you are empowering female-run business and creating a solid foundation for our girls to keep leading.

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