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Raise Your Vibration with Erin | Self-Care Habits from The Green Parent Feature

“The phrase “self care” is so overused that it’s more likely to evoke an eye roll than it is to inspire a positive change in routine. But there’s nothing like the loss of our familiar structures and routines to wake us up about the importance of looking after our health and happiness.

Here are the top three that work for us – things you can start now!

1 Start every day with a tall glass of water to wash down multivitamins and probiotics - I subscribed to a monthly delivery of both (Ritual and Seed) to keep myself on track. At first, it was surprising how quickly I built up a back stock by missing my routine. This reminds us of the importance of loving ourselves before we look after anyone else.

2 Move every day - Be it a walk, a run, a virtual training session with a favourite fitness instructor - whatever you can make work, get it in. Not only does exercising remove damaged mitochondria and improve cellular quality throughout your body, it quite literally raises your vibration, releases endorphins and moves out feelings like anger, stress and anxiety that weaken our immune system and exhaust us.

3 Stay in touch with close friends - From childhood we’re wired to crave a sense of belonging and connection. One thing that’s worked for me this year is sending voice memos instead of texts. It’s fun to hear your loved ones’ voices, and unlike phone calls that require immediate attention, a voice memo can breathe and be returned when the listener has a free moment. Whatever method works for you, make a point of talking to a close friend at least once a week.

If this time in history has gifted me with anything, it’s the reminder that health is truly wealth, and life’s nothing without meaningful relationships. I hope you’ll take these tips, or write your top three and stick with them. I’d love to hear what’s worked for you, over at @totumwomen on Instagram.

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