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Relactating - Nursing Again in the time of a Pandemic

With the world more or less under lockdown and the uncertainties of a global pandemic among us, many moms are home with their children. Because of this extra time with young ones, many moms are considering going back to nursing in order to spend more quality time building relationships. In order to do this, moms are having to figure out how to relactate. 

What is Relactation? 

Simply put, this is when a mother goes back to breastfeeding after having stopped for a while. Many times, she will have stopped lactating already, which means she will have to re-lactate, or begin producing milk again.

Why Are More Women Relactating Now?

In this time of uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 virus, it can be comforting to regain a deep connection with children. And because there is much more time being spent at home, there are more chances for mothers to reconnect and build strong bonds with their children.

Also, just as toilet paper has been flying off the shelves since the start of the Coronavirus spread, formula has also been going very fast. That being said, some mothers are going back to nature and deciding to begin relactation to feed their young children. It has become increasingly popular over the past few months because being ordered to stay home gives a mother a lot more time for breastfeeding.

How Can a Woman Begin Re-Lactating?

There are several tricks that may help women relactate after they have stopped breastfeeding. It is necessary to begin the production of breast milk once again, which isn’t always that simple. Some things that can help milk production in relactation are:

  • Have the baby suckle. This is usually the easiest and most effective way to begin re-lactating. However, a baby will not always suckle if there isn’t any milk being produced.
  • Hand pumping is another way to induce milk production and relactation. If you have a hand pump, you simply attach and begin pumping. It may take a while to produce milk, but this method tends to produce prolactin which is an essential hormone in producing breast milk.
  • Find a breastfeeding specialist. A specialist can be very helpful in finding the reason you are not producing milk and helping to find the solution. They are able to help most women overcome any difficulties with breastfeeding and re-lactating.
  • Look into galactagogues. Many of you may be saying “What in the world is a galactagogue?” Unlike its name, it has a simple definition. Galactagogues are specific foods, herbs, or medicines that are thought to help with milk production. These are not always necessary in relactating, but they can be very helpful.
If you're curious about relactating, extending or boosting your supply, Totum Women is here to support you.  We're built especially for the breastfeeding mother, can help you access lactation experts in your area, and provide delicious treats designed to help nursing mothers along all stops in the breastfeeding journey.

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