Whole Woman Campaign


#wholewoman Campaign

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Hi Friends,

Will you please join me in opening up an important conversation among women?

This May, we're kicking off the #wholewoman campaign to drive home the meaning of Totum, which is "whole" in Latin, to help women acknowledge and express what wholeness means to them, and to encourage them to take a step toward creating more wholeness in their daily lives. I’d love for you to be a part of it.  We already have many powerful women and accounts confirmed to participate, but it won't be complete without your story.

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To us at Totum, being "whole" means living the fullest, highest expression of yourself as a woman, especially after the huge identity shift begun by new motherhood.

It means being honest, being fully yourself, embracing the essential you that's been there all along and has become so much more (though battered, bruised, sometimes confused!) after motherhood.

We know that feeling whole can be a challenge in our modern culture, but we also believe that our generation can lead the way toward helping women truly have what they need to feel wholly themselves.

The Challenge

To encourage our communities to join this powerful conversation on Instagram, we've collaborated with Cameron Light @enlightenedcamon some unique Totum illustrations, and we're asking our launch team, which we hope you'll join, to post an image – whether a Totum illustration or a personal photo – accompanied by the following language on Monday, May 6.


What makes you feel whole? Join the Totum Women #wholewoman challenge by posting a photo of yourself or one of our bespoke illustrations with #wholewoman @totumwomen and answers to these questions in your caption: I feel whole when I _ (ex: make time for friendship during the week). What keeps me from feeling whole right now is _ (ex: I don't have predictable childcare). I'll feel more wholly myself if I_ (ex: create a schedule for childcare and build in one friend date per week). I now challenge (@ two people) to share your photo and your responses to these questions.


I know that women would benefit so much from hearing your voice, and I’d be so grateful for your participation.

Lots of love,