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Here are some amazing resources and reads the Totum team has discovered over the years and can't wait to share with you to help ease your pre- and postpartum experience. If you have a great service or product that can help women entering motherhood, please reach out! We'd love to feature you here.


Holistic nutrition and wellness coaching

Feel good, have more energy and glow with Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Daniela Kende.

See a doctor online

37% of moms who experience physical issues, and 63% of moms experiencing postpartum emotional challenges, don’t seek out professional help from a doctor or therapist. Most say it’s because they feel ashamed. This online resource may be a place for women to start.

Executive coaching for working moms

Sarah Gibbons is a legacy builder. She helps ambitious, driven women experience their truth and express it authentically in order to create unique, dynamic and fulfilling lives.

Photography specializing in women and their families

Capturing the spirit of the moment, whether it's one of joy or the middle of a tantrum...imperfection is perfect. It's real, it's art and it's all part of the story.

Katya Mosely Maternal Acupuncture

Acupuncture focused on maternal health

Acupuncturist Katya Mosely, focused on female and maternal health, turned my baby head down in one session, and she does way more than baby spinning.

Support for pregnancy and postpartum

Nurturing Birth. Pregnancy & Postpartum Yoga Specialist.
Birth & Post Partum Doula. Certified Lactation Educator.
Birth Blogger. Mother.

Support for mothers in San Francisco

Deeply rooted in evidence-based best practices for pregnancy, labor, birth and early parenting, Natural Resources offers holistic classes, the safest, most effective products, and a warm and inclusive community.

Great resource to find nannies, housekeepers

Welcome to The Grapevine Staffing Agency, the best corporate and domestic staffing agency servicing both Los Angeles and New York.

Women's health physical therapy

Allison Oswald wants to help your pelvic floor stay fit for life (which means better sex, safer pregnancies and deliveries, and no leaking pee as you age).

Next level natural skincare created by women

A natural alternative for sensitive skin, these plant-based formulas are simple, calming and restorative. Zero toxins, no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs, phenoxyethanol, silicones or petroleum.

The patron saint of breastfeeding

Founded by Linda Hanna, My Nursing Coach delivers breastfeeding education and postpartum support right to your doorstep.

Healthy Inside and Out with the founder of Equinox

Coaching and retreats with Lavinia Errico, a passionate advocate and advisor for healthier and more fulfilled, balanced and joyful lives.

Los Angeles-based center for pregnancy, parenting and wellness

With a focus on the complete reproductive cycle, pregnancy, and parenting, LOOM provides evidence-based education, modern services, and inclusive community to all.

Hub for all things new motherhood here in Los Angeles

A breastfeeding support and new parent resource center that educates, guides and encourages new parents in a soothing environment as they learn to care for their newborns.

Beautiful gifts for new moms and beyond

Valleybrink Road is a floral design and luxury gifting company based in Los Angeles, CA. The vision of Barrett Prendergast, a florist, gifter and lifestyle curator, Valleybrink Road is a natural extension of her love of entertaining and her passion for creating the perfect gift.

Brand and website development

The amazing Annie Jefferson, who gave birth to this site and was the “doula” for the brand.


The First Forty Days

Support for the first 40 days after bringing home a newborn. Best news: the most “supermom” thing you can do is chill out and stay home.

Inspired Inspired or Frustrated, Women Go to Work for Themselves

“When talking about the working options for women, it’s either the stay-at-home mom who gives up her career, or the working mom trying to juggle family and 40-plus-hour weeks..."

Chrissy Teigen Opens up about Postpartum Depression

After giving birth to her daughter, Luna, last April, Teigen developed postpartum depression, a condition affecting one in nine women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Goddess Myth

Motherhood Is Hard to Get Wrong. So Why Do So Many Moms Feel So Bad About Themselves?

Modern Motherhood has Economists Worried

Women’s participation in the U.S. workforce peaked two decades ago. But in the past few decades, that progress has stalled. And today, women are making big changes to when, and whether, they have children.

The rise of picture-perfect motherhood

Social media-savvy women are reclaiming their role as mothers on Instagram -- all while making it look really, really good.