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Totum Women Membership



Ever feel like it’s too much  juggling your personal ambitions with your desire to be an engaged parent -- who still shows up for her partner, friends and family -- all while somehow finding the time to stay physically and mentally strong?  So do we, but we’ve learned the key to making modern motherhood work.  Hint: we were never meant to do this alone.    

 Totum means “whole” in Latin, and we chose this word because we think it’s the real goal for a modern mother.  Mothers are told to “balance,” which we find too precarious, too controlled, too attached to an equanimity that doesn’t stay put.  But being whole means you can define what completes you, and you can stay there with support. 

For a few years now, we’ve been building a community and listening to what you need.  We want to take what we’ve learned and the network we’ve created and deliver it to you.  And we also want to engage you in supporting the moms in your circle.

We invite you to become a member of Totum Women.  This is a two-way street because we see you as a leader.  We’ll provide benefits to make your life more fun, supported, and whole and we’ll provide you with tools to keep paying forward the support among moms in your community. 

Membership Includes:

  • Welcome package with Totum SWAG like bespoke gear and Totum’s Mother’s Support Lactation Cookies (to keep or give to a mom who needs them).
  • Access to all Totum Talks* for the year, including access to edited, recorded webinars and resources provided from the experts leading each talk (access to each talk costs $20 minimum without membership).
  1. Totum Talks*: A ~monthly webinar series to help women navigate modern motherhood together. Each talk will feature expert guests, thought leaders, and fellow mothers, facilitated in a way that helps women feel acknowledged, connected and inspired. Think of it like a podcast plus video and interaction with experts on all the things you care about.
  • Private access to a 1:1 AMA with our founder, Erin Erenberg, to include a follow up introduction to an expert(s) to help you move one goal forward (from healing diastasis recti to finding your dream job).
  • Exclusive discounts on our favorite goods and services to support modern mothers.
  • Tools to create your own Totum community event
  1. Social media kit, promotion through Totum Women social media, event guidelines, suggested subject matter experts to include, professional Zoom account for virtual hosting and registration.
  2. Access to products and marketing materials as needed for in-person gatherings.
  3. Event design available upon request
  • First access to new product releases
  • 10% off Totum products for a full year
  • Extra love on special occasions or just randomly, because you deserve it.


Community, Resources, Support

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How do I join?

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Will the membership auto-renew each year?

We’ll send you a heads’ up the month before your membership ends. We want you to be a member because it means something to you, not because you forgot to cancel.

How do I cancel?

If at any time you feel your values and ours aren’t aligned, you are free to cancel with one month’s notice to 

Can I earn rewards for recruiting members?

Yes. If you refer 5 or more qualified members within any 12 month period, you will receive 50% off membership for the next year. Contact for more information.

Totum Women Membership

Totum Women Membership


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