Feeling Kinda Stuck?

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- Feeling stuck in motherhood? -  


Need a more experienced mom-friend? Have a problem that’s weighing you down and feel like you’d get so much time and peace back if you could move through it, but you’re not sure where to turn? Feeling alone and like you need some help re-framing the story you're stuck in about why things aren't working?

We don't want you to stay in that place. And you don't have to.

We're here to help you move through what's blocking you and get back into your most powerful self. Because motherhood can be joyful; you just need a little assist.

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Why Erin? Because sometimes you don't know exactly what you need to get out of your rut, and there's not one specialist who does exactly what you're looking for -- or you don't know how to find them if there is. Because Erin loves listening and has a skill for looking at a complex set of concerns and creating a simple solution. Because Erin's gift is connecting, and her background as an attorney, serial business builder, agent and world traveler means she's got a killer rolodex that she loves to leverage to lift up other women.

And then she'll step aside and cheer you on as you thrive. Because Erin loves being a mom and believes you can, too. You just aren't meant to go it alone.

Women reach out through direct messages, texts and email to get solutions to problems, and there's not been a single time when Erin's not been able to nail down a helpful answer and follow up resource. From how to solve a latch problem to when and how to transition from a crib to a toddler bed to how to ask for a more flexible work arrangement -- Erin has been there, solved the problem, knows the right expert to turn to, and most importantly, has your best interests at heart. She’s your personal maternal rights advocate in your back pocket.


One-on-One Support:

  • Book an office hour here: $250/hr
  • Book a half-hour session here: $150/hr

After our time together, we'll follow up with:

A recap

Actionable next steps

An introduction where relevant

We look forward to supporting you.

In this together,