Erin's Story


Erin’s Story

Entering motherhood blew my mind in the best way. I became a mother at age 34, and I welcomed a new version of myself when I met our first baby.

Pregnant Erin Erenberg, Founder of Totum Women, with her two children

For three decades, I’d been focused on my career and had explored many pursuits: IP attorney; non-profit leader; entertainment executive and crowdfunding expert. But nothing dropped me straight into a sense of purpose like having our first baby.


I met the best version of myself when I met our first baby. Gone was the ambivalence about how to spend my time. This tiny person needed me. And he needed my favorite parts — warmth, love, curiosity, wonder, connection, sweetness, patience.

But as I encountered this softer version of myself, I had no idea how to reengage with my life before baby, especially where work was concerned.

The ambitious woman in me heard “lean in” and felt ashamed at loving motherhood. And when I jumped back into work, I found maintaining my milk supply a real challenge.

Erin Erenberg, Totum Founder, Pregnant

I felt sad, confused, like I was failing. It was easy to read the number of ounces I pumped as a metric on my motherhood performance. Meanwhile, I felt a serious brain fog from lack of sleep and distraction due to thinking of our baby at home with someone else.

I wanted a hug. I wanted my Nana to rock me. I wanted a cookie! I searched for a good cookie that would support healthy breastfeeding, but what I found on the market didn’t perform and tasted like sand.

Luckily, my work headquarters at the time was also home to my Uncle Robert, who’d been COO of Mrs. Fields. I’d researched what foods support new mothers, and Robert brought his knowledge of what makes a truly delicious cookie. We teamed up, and the result is a delicious cookie that truly, utterly increased my milk supply. It’s full of organic, nutrient dense ingredients, healthy fats, and galactagogues (milk boosting foods). With the recipe committed to memory, I started making the cookies and giving them to friends, neighbors and colleagues. They loved them, swore by their performance, and begged me to bring them to market.

The cookie is our tasty ambassador, our way of showing you that you matter. And every other product and resource we launch or recommend will be offered with the same level of attention and care.

I’m with you,



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