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A 21-day guide to pregnancy, childbirth and early postpartum

Empowered Birth with Schuyler Grant

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  • 90+ lessons covering topics, such as, anatomy and physiology, prenatal nutrition, Ayurveda, yoga and movement practices, breath work, birth plans, breastfeeding, loss, placenta encapsulation, postpartum healing, and more.


A partnership for mamas

Totum is dedicated to supporting women through motherhood. A healthy transition to motherhood is greatly supported by an empowered birth. Now, when a lot of you hear "empowered birth," you may roll your eyes or feel excluded by this concept because "empowered" has become synonymous with "unmedicated." We don't see it that way.

What is an empowered birth?

An empowered birth is one where you have all the information you need to make the choices that support your vision for birth. An empowered birth means you head into labor understanding your body better than ever before, and you know how to guide your healthcare providers, partner and birth workers into the direction that makes you feel most comfortable and confident. This transition is a massive and sacred one for every woman, and knowing what's happening within your body and as it relates to the new life you are birthing sets the stage for informed choice. This is the foundation of a healthy experience for mama and baby.

Schuyler Grant

“An empowered birth is not a state of being. It’s a state of inquiry.

May you be empowered to ask the right questions of your partner, doctors, wider community, and, most importantly, of yourself.”

– Schuyler Grant


Meet Your Guide

Schuyler Grant is a yoga teacher, mindful entrepreneur, and a mother of three (mostly) adorable daughters. She is passionate about providing women the tools they need to have a healthy, safe, and inspired childbirth experience — free of fear and full of options.