Totum Mum Crush x Hello My Tribe: Tosca Musk


Share a bit about yourself, family, and professional background with us.

I am the youngest of three, and the only girl. So you can imagine what that was like growing up. I learned to play soccer and participated in spitting fights like the best of them! My family was (and is) very close, and we spent every weekend with my cousins (also boys x 3), my mother’s twin sister’s children. We’re still all very close, spending most of our “off-work”, and some work time, with each other. It’s a wonderful way to be brought up and I hope to create that experience for my children too.

I’m a single mother by choice. I have 2 amazing children (b/g twins) with an anonymous sperm donor. I’m a strong advocate for women going for what they want without the pressure of social norms preventing them from achieving their dreams. I founded a company called Passionflix. Passionflix is a streaming platform that focuses on the female gaze. We take best selling romance novels and turn them into movies and series, and release them on our own platform along with curated studio features. Anything from Pride and Prejudice to 50 Shades of Grey. Our mission is to empower women through emotional strength, removing the shame from sexuality and sensuality, and showing a new way to present themselves, with strength, in all situations. We’re strong advocates for “people see, people do” and believe media has a role in showing people a more positive way of dealing with situations. Our mandate is love, passion, romance and hopeful/happy endings.


What highs and lows did you experience as you transitioned to motherhood?

The highs are obvious: 2 amazing children; unconditional love; a feeling of belonging and of being needed that’s remarkably fulfilling. The lows… perhaps a little loneliness at the same time. As a single mother, it is inevitable that you will be alone. Once the kids are asleep, and the house is quiet, you can’t leave. The freedom of randomly popping out the house for a drink with a friend is gone. There is a sense of time passing, and a little bit of missing out on some fun times, hits at those quiet times. But the highs so outweigh the lows, and time passes so quickly, that those feelings are fleeting. I’d do this all over again, if I had to go back. Maybe even a few years earlier. Having children was the best decision I’ve ever made.

What surprised you most?

The biggest surprise is how much it changed me into a grounded, kinder, more patient human being. Children, for me, were life changing in the best way. I realized what was important to me, to fulfilling my life. It removed any kind of social barrier I’d ever put in front of me. And it allows me to ask for, strive for, know I can achieve, all the things I want from life.


How do you practice daily self-care?

I go for an hour long walk with my kids in the morning. I read (or listen to audibles) of books that I feel can broaden my viewpoint. I try to go to the gym everyday. And I focus, work-wise, on making sure that every decision I make I can back up with a solid belief system.

Healthiest daily habit you practice?

A glass of wine every day…

And worst?

A glass of wine every day :-)


This Mum Crush is in collaboration with Hello My Tribe and begins a series we are hosting together on moms who have recently rocked our worlds. 

I met Alex Winkleman Zeplain, Founder of Hello My Tribe, in January, when we were both chosen to be a part of a challenge to do a combo of 300 squats, push ups, sit ups, lunges and leg lifts every day for 30 days. What a weird way to meet, but the challenge included accountability via group text that led to connection among the participants. When Alex was introduced to the group, I was astounded at the similarity of the mission of Hello My Tribe and Totum Women. Additionally, Alex and I share a joy in collaboration over competition, and our first project together is to share some profiles of the awe-inspiring women who joined us in our January challenge.

With love,

Erin & Alex