Totum Mum Crush: Yhanni Jamila Brown

Photo by Quinn Moss Photography

Photo by Quinn Moss Photography

I am a mama of a 5 year old big brother and 10 month old twin girls with NICU PTSD and postpartum anxiety. I am on a mission to recognize my worth and all the hard work I put in as a mother (this sentence alone makes me happy!) When I’m not cooking, or changing a diaper or playing Legos I’m curating events that connect women. Mama Makers Collective is all about celebrating mother business owners & self care through creative expression!

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For you, what has been the biggest surprise about becoming a mother?

The biggest surprise in my journey as a mother, thus far, has been how challenging it is! It is so HARD. Particularly with multiple children. I am in the thick of raising three incredibly spirited, independent beings. It is crazy, beautifully HARD.

What highs and lows did you experience as you transitioned to motherhood? Were they related to a specific experience like recovery, breastfeeding, sleep, or the question of working outside the home? 

When I think “transition to motherhood” I think fourth trimester. That time was a complete blissed out blur.  A high and low in itself. Being stripped down to my pit after a long birth, yoni bleeding, boobs leaking, hips aching but so in love with our child.

I am on a mission to recognize my worth and all the hard work I put in as a mother.

As you faced the enormous changes in your life after giving birth - physically, emotionally, added responsibilities and lifestyle shifts - in what areas did you feel supported? And where/how would you have liked more support?

I felt so supported with meals and well wishes after the birth of our first. One thing I really wished we had was more financial support. My partner and I were young when we had our first. We were still figuring out how to finish paying our midwife let alone all the other bills. Oh, the new parent struggles!

Photo by Cynthia Perez

Photo by Cynthia Perez

What has motherhood meant for your relationship with your partner and/or your other significant relationships?

I have grown so close to the father of my children. We have journeyed from friendship to dating to parents to marriage.  At the same time, we have been pushed apart romantically.  It's a sacrifice that happens when you have young kids.  Just means that date nights are EXTRA special.  My love for him grew as I watched him with our children. He was meant for fatherhood.  

Did your central values change or shift in some way that you'd like to share?

I wasn't attached to anything very strongly before I had kids. My core values have been built around raising healthy, well-rounded children of color. That allowed me to step into motherhood with no expectations. My core values have stayed the same. I have and will always be a crunchy, prideful mama!

Totum Mum Crush

Totum Women is excited to feature some moms who inspire us in a series called "Mum Crush."  Listen, though: every woman finds her own path as a mother, so our hope is that these women uplift and inspire.  We know that sometimes features like these can lead to some comparison thinking that hurts more than helps, so we choose women who exemplify our brand values of being real and whole in their approach to womanhood and motherhood.  Women who make us feel stronger because they're full of love and keep it real.