Totum Experts: Six Time Saving Beauty Tips

Feeling good about yourself is not a luxury; it’s an absolute necessity that will give you the energy and enthusiasm to keep up. In honor of all my fellow busy ladies, I am so excited to share my top six time-saving tips and products to help you stay beautiful, polished, and ready to take on life’s daily challenges while looking and feeling great!

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Annie JeffersonSelf-Care, Beauty
Totum Mum Crush: Allison Oswald

As I entered motherhood with my first son, I had also just opened my physical therapy studio 8 months prior. I realized what I was trying to achieve was impossible. I couldn't do it all, I needed support and it was up to me to ask for it. That was the lesson I needed and still remind myself of every day.

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Week Three: Answers to your Questions about Checking on Your Baby at Night

"I've been waking up in the middle of the night in a panic about the baby. I am either dreaming she is falling or lost in the covers in our bed. I wake up and frantically search for her or jump out of bed "to catch her." I eventually realize that she is safe and sound in her crib in our room, but for a few seconds I am terrified. I've had other friends tell me this happens to them. What causes this? How do I stop or ease it? Will it go away?"

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