Totum means “whole” in Latin. We’ve created this company to serve women as they enter motherhood, whether for the first or fourteenth time. We want women to feel heard, supported and strong in the fullness of their fierce and beautiful identities.  

Ever notice that there was a ton of support for you while pregnant, and then you could find just about everything you needed for your baby online? But when it came to experiencing challenges, fears and even altogether new joys as a woman with a new baby, you were kind of alone?


Well, that was my experience, and I noticed that my friends and colleagues felt the same.  But what bugged me the most was how we all framed our conversations about this stuff as admissions. There seemed to be a sense of shame -- like the lack of resources was somehow reflecting to us that we were failing in our transition into motherhood. So I began creating resources for myself that I could share with my friends, baby group members, family members and colleagues.  

But my heart’s desire is to serve women more broadly, and thanks to the support of fantastic women around me, it’s happening now.  

Welcome to Totum, a place where we can all be ourselves, help each other feel heard and find answers, and serve women with products and resources.  

Just because we now have babies doesn’t mean our whole identity is “mommy,” and whether we decide to work outside the home or not, we are worthy of living out our full identity with greater acknowledgement. If you’re thinking “amen,” come join us in this movement and try our cookies, Totum Treats.


Totum Treats

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